We Eloped!

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that?

Last November, Spencer was finally forced into marrying me after putting it off for 8 years… JOKES! I mean it is a little bit true. We had an early wedding to make it easier for me to travel with him to Japan. It has been quite confusing for us. Sometimes we refer to it as our first wedding or our fake/real wedding. I’m not sure why we use the last ones interchangeably.

Our first wedding was sort of a dream come true to me. Anyone who attended our big/second wedding will know that I wanted it feel like we were in a forest. (Hopefully, I can share pictures of it on here soon!) I think I always wanted my wedding to feel like we were in Washington but be in Texas since thats where all our family and friends were. Two weddings meant the best of both worlds!

I can’t get into the sweet stuff without calling out my husband! I had planned our small ceremony for about two months. We booked the cabin we would be staying at, our families had bought flights, and we got our marriage license… all before Spencer proposed!! We got engaged on a Monday and married the following Saturday. I mean leave it to Spencer to wait til the last possible second to propose! (Love ya, Spence.)

On November 11, 2017, our family woke up in the cutest cottage on Fox Island in Washington. The deck looked out onto the water, there were floor to ceiling windows, and the decor was already ideal for our wedding. It was raining that morning as the guys left to pick up last minute necessities including balloons that spelled out ‘love,’ fairy lights, my bouquet, champagne and the cake. I got ready with my mom, soon to be mother in law, and soon to be sister in law. They helped me with my something old (my mom’s necklace), something new (white lace dress), something borrowed (my friend Heather’s beaded headband from her own wedding), and something blue (socks).

Then, the rain stopped. Everyone gathered outside on the porch, as I waited inside out of view of Spencer! My dad walked me down the aisle (or just out the backdoor to the porch). Spencer was standing there looking as handsome as ever, next to our officiant… his dad! It all went very quickly, but Spencer’s dad wrote us the most beautiful ceremony. I still can’t believe we got married right there on the back porch surrounded by our loved ones. It really was perfect. Eero and Avery were our witnesses, Kenny was our officiant, and Avery was our photographer and videographer. We will treasure those memories forever.

After we eloped perfectly, some of our very best friends from Washington came over to celebrate. Doesn’t every wedding end with the bride getting iced, the groom denting his ring doing pull-ups, and beer pong competitions? We are still laughing about all the shenanigans that went down.

I can’t believe it’s almost been a year!


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  1. Kim
    October 25, 2018 / 6:22 pm

    Happy first wedding anniversary soon! It does all sound perfect. Glad you are blogging again, I have missed it.

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