Spencer’s Sister Visits!

As my family has probably noticed, Spencer and I haven’t had the chance to visit home since Christmas. It breaks my heart. This is the longest time I’ve gone without visiting home. I miss our families. So I was so excited when Avery came to visit us a couple weeks ago! We had a great time showing her around San Diego as a last hoorah before she starts her senior year of college.

This was Avery’s first time to California so we spent a lot of time tanning on the beaches. Because what’s more SoCal than that? We also hit up all the touristy spots around San Diego including Hotel del Coronado, Old Town, Balboa Park, La Jolla, and Little Italy. We dragged her along to all our normal weekday activities like Trivia Night, Taco Tuesday, and volleyball. Then during the day while Spencer was at work, Avery and I would do what we do best… shop!

The last day of her trip we went to the Del Mar Horse Races. I highly recommend everyone to go at least once! We all tried our luck betting on our favorite horses but the only one who actually had any luck was Spencer. It was still a blast though. I’m always game for any chance to dress up, wear cute hats, and look at pretty horses.

Miss you already, Avery! Thanks for coming all the way to Cali to see us!




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