Reunited with the BFF

Here comes a special post (vlog included!) with my dearest friend, Miss Devin Duncan!

I’m back in Washington and the weather is absolutely amazing today! I have the windows open and the sky is a beautiful blue. Julz, from the San Diego Zoo post, is here with her pup Tinkerbell and we’re both typing away at our laptops. We may even be listening to Christmas music… It’s a good day.

So I’ve been sitting on this post for a while because it has the first video blog I’ve ever done in it. I will admit it’s not the best. It’s shaky and I really had no idea what I was doing. So I’ve been nervous about posting it, but Devin watched it last week and loved it. And that’s good enough for me! I love being able to look back on her trip to San Diego in pictures and videos! I think we’ll both appreciate watching it when we’re 60 with a tall glass of wine.

Continue ahead to watch Devin’s trip to San Diego. I tried to smash a week’s worth of San Diego sights into a weekend trip. We went to the beach, shopping, Coronado, tons of San Diego restaurants, and went wine tasting in Ramona. Enjoy!

You’ll come visit me in Japan next. Right Devin?



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