Photo Diary: San Diego Zoo

We went to the San Diego Zoo a couple of weeks ago with our friends Julz & Barrett North!

They had never been and neither had Spencer, so we made the most of it. We spend something like 6 hours there and walked roughly 5 miles. We were so exhausted by the end of the day – but it was worth it! I went some years back with my family. Eero and I walked around imitating the animals, so you might see some photos of us recreating those poses! Like the one below – they’re flamingos, duh.

 The flamingos were a group favorite. There’s a couple different flamingo habitats around the park and we stopped at all of them.
 We were inside a giant bird cage, so here I am imagining I’m in Jurassic Park 3.
This cheetah and dog were best friends.
 When I was a young meerkat…
 Of course I wanted a picture with the giant leaf and not the monkey behind me.
And finally, the Pokemon we found at the Zoo…




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