Friendly, Chubby Deer in Nara

Anyone visiting Japan should take the time to visit Nara. Even if it’s only for an hour. Though, I promise you that you’ll want to stay longer.

This is exactly how I felt after our recent trip to Kyoto. (Coming soon!) When we hopped on a train to Nara, we were expecting to stop by for maybe 30 minutes. A quick layover. We ended up staying for closer to 2 hours.

I’m sure y’all remember my last post about the deers on Miyajima Island. I thought that was a lot of deers… I thought. I don’t know the exact number of deers in each area, but the amount of deer in Nara Park must triple the number on the island. (You didn’t come here for facts and figures, right?) The deer in the park are equally aggressive when it comes to food, but in my humble opinion so much cuter. One look at these little fellas and you’ll want to feed them. Lucky for you, you can! Throughout the park, vendors are set up selling crackers you can feed to the deer. Some of these little cuties were bold enough to try to steal from the vendors, but most knew they’d get swatted if they tried. They kept their distance from the vendors, but won’t hesitate to head-butt you for your food.

One thing to note about Nara Park is that it’s massive and there is no lack of deers. The deeper you go, the more deer (and cracker salesmen) you’ll find. Learn from my mistake, don’t buy crackers from the first vendor you see. The deer at the front of the park were older and can spot an easy target. I got conned by one to feed it all my crackers at once! The food was gone in seconds. Trickster deer. Hold off on buying crackers until you’re further into the park where you can find adorable fawns. As you’ll see from the pictures, they are terribly cute and you’ll have to feed them.

If you have a hot second make sure to stop by Nara Park and feed all the friendly, chubby deer!

Purifying waters before entering the shrine.

Cracker vendor

One of the sweetest details of Japan – manhole covers with designs that reflect what the city is known for. I need to document more of these!



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  1. Mom
    March 27, 2019 / 2:28 am

    The pictures are really great. Love the deer in the fence- looks like he is mounted on the fence. Really cute deer. Love you!

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