Chihuly Garden and Glass

Hello 2017. New year, new BLOG! I have so many posts that I haven’t put up since we moved back to Washington. No excuses, well except that my laptop was SO excruciatingly slow. With it fixed, I really can’t use that excuse anymore. Plus my mom is itching for new blog posts. (Hi mom!)

For my first blog of 2017, I’m bringing you a post about Chihuly Garden and Glass. It’s a breathtaking art museum near the Space Needle in Seattle. The museum was like stepping into the world of Dr. Seuss. The colors were so vibrant and the designs were so unique. Even the lighting was done well. It was staged so perfectly that the shadows cast along the walls were just a beautiful as the art itself! Every hour, the museum gives a live demo of how the glass is made. I highly recommend stopping to watch. (Especially if it’s cold out, you can warm up by the fire.) These pieces can break at every single point of the process! That’s a high stress form of art. I’ll stick to coloring books, please!

Enough typing, show me the art!

One of my favorites.

Under the sea themed.

The (chihuly) glass ceiling.

The outside garden was just as beautiful. The colors were so vibrant against the Seattle skies.

S/O to Taylor for forcing me to see art while I was dying of a cold!



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