Cameron & Desiree in WA | Part 2

Cameron and Desiree came to visit us in Washington for their spring break! If you missed the first half of their trip click here.

On Wednesday, the weather was clear and we finally got to take our trip to Forks and La Push. It’s about a 3-hour drive to the coast but it was completely worth the drive. We drove beside the snow-capped mountains and along the prettiest evergreens. We stopped at Lake Crescent in Olympic National Park where we saw a real life bald eagle. Mountains surrounded the lake and the water was crystal clear. It was so beautiful!

Then it was time to live out all of our Twilight fantasies and visit Forks, WA. I was obsessed with Twilight. I loved the books and I loved to hate the movies. My friend Megan Nance and I would always recreate the terrible scenes from the movies for our dance team. Since I moved to Washington, I’ve wanted to plan a little “Twilight” inspired trip. I knew Spencer would never want to go with me, but luckily the girls were all for it! We took cheesy pictures with the ‘Welcome to Forks” sign, visited a Twilight fan store, and even tried to find Bella’s house (apparently it’s in a different state). From there we went to La Push, which was like stepping into a scene from Twilight compared to Forks. The reservation really played up the werewolves’ aspect of Twilight for the tourists. There we visited 1st and 2nd beach. The Washington coast is a dream!

 Cameron scoping out the eagle
 Lake Crescent (Photo by Cameron)
    Welcome to La Push (no vampires allowed)

The Cullen’s don’t come here

The next day, we lazed around watching Twilight. How can you not visit Forks without watching? Then we hiked in Manchester State Park and stumbled upon a dock where we could clearly see Seattle and Mount Rainier in the distance. We also got to see a seal hunting some fish in the shallow, clear water. We ended the night celebrating St Patrick’s Day. We donned our green, put on some leprechaun tattoos, and headed to the bar! (Walk, Sit, Drink, remember?)

The girls left the next day and it was so weird to have a silent house. I am so grateful to have friends that would want to spend their spring break in the cold PNW with me! To Cam and Dez- I hope y’all had a great trip! Miss y’all!




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  1. April 11, 2016 / 3:36 am

    Again, awesome! Pictures are beautiful and it looks like a great time was had by all.

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