Cameron & Desiree in WA | Part 1

Now that my laptop is fixed, I can finally blog about Cameron and Desiree’s trip to Washington! And away we go…

Here’s a little back-story for those of you who don’t know Desiree and Cameron. Desiree was one of my roommates during my freshman year at Texas Tech and she introduced me to Cameron! They were the only reason I was actually sad to leave Tech (to go to the best university in the world). Anytime Spencer and I were driving to and from Colorado we would always stop in to see them and their cute doggies!

Now that you’ve had the back-story, let’s get into what we did for their spring break trip.

We started their visit in Seattle at the Fremont Troll. For some reason, Washington is obsessed with trolls. We had an early dinner at The Red Door in Fremont, which was probably my favorite restaurant we tried during the week. Then we headed to downtown Seattle to walk around and have a drink.

On Sunday, we planned to go to Washington’s coast to see Forks and La Push but there was a terrible storm. We packed, made it 10 minutes down the road, and then realized it was pouring down too hard. The day wasn’t completely shot though! We ended up going to Point No Point lighthouse, had lunch in Poulsbo, and hiked the Green Mountain Trail. All in all a good, rainy day in WA! Until we came home to realize the power was out. We ended up playing dominoes by the fireplace until it came back on at 1 in the morning.

Point No Point Lighthouse

The next day we shopped at Port Gamble. The old historic homes in this town have been turned into cute boutiques. Then we went to Bainbridge Island where we stopped at the cutest coffee shop, Pegasus Coffee. We walked around the shops there then headed home to kayak! We kayaked at Kitsap Lake until it started to down pour (which is usually what happens when we decide to kayak). There was a nice man at the lake that let Spencer take his new jet-ski out for a spin! He had the biggest smile on his face EVER! The day ended with us sitting at Target for about 2 hours waiting for a locksmith to unlock the keys out of Spencer’s car.

Tuesday was spent in Seattle. We rode the ferry over this time and I wished I knew more about Grey’s Anatomy. Apparently a couple from the show bought a house and they toke a ferry there? I don’t know, but Cameron and Desiree couldn’t stop talking about it. In Seattle, we visited the gum wall, Pikes Place Market, and had some delicious El Cheapo margaritas. We adopted Cameron’s vacation mantra of “Walk. Sit. Drink.” for the rest of the day.

 The Gum Wall
 Not very impressed by the first Starbucks
 Check back tomorrow for the second half of the trip!





  1. April 9, 2016 / 8:52 pm

    Love this! Thank you for writing it so I can see another lil glimpse at the fun ya'll had. Thank you so much for having them. Cameron has always wanted to visit and explore Seattle and doing it with ya'll probably made it even better than expected!

  2. July 22, 2016 / 10:36 am

    It was a cool trip, guys! I am even a little jealous of you, in a good way! The situation with the car lockout is a little bit depressing, but still it wasn't so significant I guess. Next time come to TN and in case if something happens call them )

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