A Weekend in Vancouver

Oh wow, have you heard? We went to Canada like forever ago and I’m just now getting the pictures up…!

Spencer took me to CANADA! What! Before this, I’d never been out of the country. The whole weekend was so nice. It was just us and Vancouver! We turned our phones off, only used printed out google maps, and ate so much! This little re-cap of our weekend is chock-full of pictures and suggestions for if you ever go to Vancouver. Enjoy!

We stayed in our first Airbnb in an area called Mt Pleasant, which we loved. The studio was adorable, cozy and I loved how the owner decorated it. If you’ve never stayed in an Airbnb, you should check it out. You feel like you’re visiting a friend’s house who knows all the best places to visit. Mt Pleasant had some nice restaurants and bars all in walking distance. We walked over to The Whip for dinner. It had a very cool hipster vibe, a good happy hour, and was pretty popular. I’d recommend the The House Burger, their homemade sauce was so delicious.

We had Tim Horton’s donuts for breakfast. It seems to me like Tim Hortons is to Canada as Whataburger is to Texas. You just have to try it. I asked the woman taking our order “Do y’all have any soda?” Spencer said she looked at me like I was from a different world, then she proceeded to tell me they had pop.

I’ve read all about the suspension bridges in Vancouver and how they are a must see, specifically the Capilano Suspension Bridge. It has a epic system of bridges and “cliffwalks,” but it costs almost $40 per person! We ended up going to Lynn Canyon Park which has a suspension bridge, hikes, a 30 foot pool, and is free! It was just as gorgeous, if you’re looking to get your suspension bridge fix.

After Lynn Canyon, we drove to a more touristy side of downtown called Gastown. It was so cute! There were cobblestone streets, boutiques, and restaurants. We ended up going into every Canadian tourist shop trying to find the perfect souvenir magnet for my grandma. We stopped at The Blarney Stone for dinner. So Canadian, right? We made up for it by trying poutine, french fries topped with gravy and cheese curds. Oh my God, it was delicious. Any chance you have to try poutine, you need to take it.

Back at the Airbnb, Spencer found us a bar to go to. You can’t see the bar from google’s street view and the website says to just “Look for the red light.” Hmm, doesn’t sound too sketchy. We walked over, saw the red light, and opened the plain door to a little hallway covered in graffiti. Hmm, seems pretty sketchy now. We opened the gratified door at the end of the hallway to a cool bar with a speakeasy feel to it. It felt like you needed a secret code to get in. It was awesome, if you’re in Mt Pleasant check out The Narrow Lounge and look for the red light!

The Gastown Steam Clock
Poutine, I love you.
We drove to Granville Island to check out the Public Market. If you don’t have a car there’s a cute little ferry you can take from downtown. I loved looking at all the boutiques that were decorated for Christmas. After, we went to Stanley Park to walk around. Everyone recommends to rent a bike to explore Stanley Park. I wish we would have because Stanley Park is huge and we only saw a bit of it. It was still really nice to be able to walk around and we saw a couple getting married!

The only terrible part about the trip was getting home. A word to the wise, don’t drive back to the US on a Sunday. It seemed like there were hundreds of people in line and we ended up waiting 2 hours to get across the border!



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