A Lovely Day in Balboa Park

I’ve written this post two or three times and I just don’t know what to write! I was actually pretty satisfied with one post I wrote, but it’s nowhere to be found now. Isn’t that just the way life goes? Things go missing, you aren’t happy with your work, you try and try at something that you can’t get just right. Very frustrating. I wanted to share this because life isn’t perfect. We all go through slumps. Despite my posts on this blog, life isn’t always happy photos of rose gardens. It’s struggling to get a job, missing your family, paying student loans. Just keep at it y’all!! Life is good too.

With that being said, please enjoy these pictures of our recent trip to Balboa Park. It really was such a nice day. Spencer and I walked around just enjoying being with each other. I loved walking around the rose garden taking snaps and smelling every flower. Spencer kept saying that he didn’t get why they smelled good to me and that they all just smelled like any ole flower shop. He’s crazy, they all smelt beautiful and different. I want them all in a perfume. Spencer liked the Pokemon hunting in the area. (I did too. It might be a little lame, but it’s good fun.) I really recommend just going to Balboa Park for a look around. There is a ton of stuff you have to pay to see like museums and the zoo, but we had a great time without spending a dime!

Inappropriate picture of the day.
San Diego is big on making you feel like you’re in Jurassic Park 3.
Just three old friends sharing a joke.
“Take my picture in front of this door! And OH! That door too!”





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